Burst pipes, a homeowner’s nightmare!

Burst pipes are a horrendous surprise in the winter months, both in domestic and commercial properties.

Burst pipes can be devastating and extensive. The damaged pipes can cause a vast array of damage from spoiling of soft furnishings to the closure of whole road or even towns. While the cost of the repair may vary, the cost of any damage caused both financial and sentimental can hit the owners hard than you think. Insurance costs alone can range climb into the millions of pound quicker than you’d think.

The most frequent cause of burst pipes is chilly temperatures and pipework that is defenceless against the cold temperatures. As the water freezes it expands and puts pressure on the pipe, which is often made of soft copper or plastic, from the inside. Unfortunately a lot of the pipe work is hidden beneath flooring, behind walls or in your roof, therefore damage can be missed which will lead to further damage.

How can I prevent this damage?

  1. Locate and know how to use your stop cock is!
  2. Ensure outside taps such as drainage pipes for heating and over flow pipes, are insulated. Find out how to insulate your pipes here.
  3. If pipes are installed in areas without heating (e.g. sheds, garages) ensure they are insulated.
  4. Insulate your water tank.
  5. Your heating should be on at least 12 degrees centigrade at all times during cold periods. That includes when you are on holiday or at work.
  6. Try to fix any taps that are dripping before the cold temperatures set in.
  7. Leaving the loft hatch open will allow warm air into the loft space and will reduce the risk of a pipe bursting.
  8. When leaving your home unattended, we recommend that you drain your water system and leave your heating on. This will help you drain your water system.

Sometimes, as hard as we try burst pipes will burst. When this happens early detection is most vital. Stay aware, stay safe.

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