Magnaclean + Inhibitor. The superheroes of heating!

Magnaclean your way to a better central heating system.

When installing a new central heating system it is reasonable to assume that you will be using a brand new boiler, pipes, thermostat and radiators. At this point your central heating system is working at its best. However as the years go on the efficiency of your boiler begins to degrade. In most cases this means radiators have become discoloured and the pipework may have built up a thick sludge that sits hidden within.

Much like your arteries if you eat bad food, the black sludge (iron oxide) made up of rust and other debris builds up year on year. The build-up of this sludge reduces the efficiency of your system and shortens it’s life span.

As with most things prevention is better than cure so what can we do?

Add an inhibitor

By adding an inhibitor to the central heating system you are preventing the metal in your system from rusting in the first place therefore preventing the build-up of iron oxide. The way the inhibitor works is by coating the surface of the metal preventing it from reacting with anything else.

Remove the Black Sludge

As the black sludge is a mixture of metal oxides it is magnetic. This is where Magnaclean comes in! Magnaclean is a simple but clever idea. It is a magnet that sits in your central heating system then as the water runs past it the metal oxides stick to the magnet. When the magnet is covered, you take it out, clean it and put it back in the system.

Now some people argue that you only need to use one of these as if you use the inhibitor there will be no rust etc.

Our engineers recommend using both as you can never be quite sure how much inhibitor you need to use. If you are assuming you have used enough inhibitor but haven’t you may have rust building up in your system that is going unnoticed. By using both an inhibitor and Magnaclean you are ensuring your system is protected from all sides.

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