Drains on Christmas cheer – plumbing disasters!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly… A time when superfluous eating occurs and merriment is encouraged at all hours! With a family members joining you from afar, your drains can be under a lot of strain from both extra use of water and the wrongful disposal of extra waste. It is not a surprise then that Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for plumbers.

To avoid calling a plumber during the Christmas period follow theses handy hints…

An additional guest undoubtedly means extra water, something your system is not used to and can be overwhelmed by. Lighten some of the stress on your drains by encouraging guests to wait 15 minutes between showers or baths. This allows time for your drains to drain adequately and prevent overflow form the additional water use.

The most common call out is to do with blockages caused by products that have not broken down adequately. Cotton wool balls, sanitary items, facial wipes, hair and even flushable wipes do not break down well enough which leads to blocked drains. Encourage your visitors to use bins to dispose of these items here instead of down your toilet.

Lastly, the excess cooking oil or fat left over from Christmas dinner is not beneficial to your drainage pipes! Left over oils and fats congeal inside your drains causing blockages to occur. Instead of pouring the left overs down the drain, wipe your pans with a paper towel and dispose of in the bin or drain the liquid into a bottle to throw away later.

Simple precautions can help curtail any plumbing problems during the festive period. Of course plumbing problems may still occur so know your limits! Even a minor problem can cause an extreme headache when it’s not handled correctly.


Wishing you all very Merry (and problem free) Christmas and a Jolly New Year.

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