Heating habits, are yours costing you money?

With the winter months here to stay, our heating systems are working overtime but is your system working harder than it should be?

Below are six heating mistakes that householders commonly make during the winter’s months. These mistakes not only cost you – the bill payer – money, but can cause your heating systems stress leading to a higher chance of damage.

  1. Do you turn your thermostat up high when you come into a cold house? Yes, me too. But did you know that the thermostat, unlike the accelerator on a car, does not give more the harder you push it. Turning the thermostat up high does not heat your house quickly however it does cost you more money.
  2. Just like turning the thermostat up high when you come in, it is common for homeowners to turn the temperature down during the night. Why would you need it? You have a duvet and if you house is anything like ours, two or three mini- me’s snuggling beneath the covers. However forcing your heating system to deal with the extremes of hot and cold can be a big problem. In the morning, when you want your house warm again, your heating system will need to work twice as hard to increase the temperature. Not a problem… not until the heating bill arrives at least.
  3. Do you know your limits? Thermostats are usually limited and raising the temperature above that limit can be a great mistake. By turning the thermostat up beyond its limits you are forcing the boiler to work beyond its ability. Instead it would be more efficient and cost effective to find and fix the problem.
  4. How can modern technology help? Heating an empty house is a sure way to lose money. Yes it is lovely to come in from the cold to a toasty house but leaving your heating on all day to achieve this is not cost effective. Nowadays it is possible to program your thermostat to come on at specific times or even to control your heating via you mobile phone so you can target you heating according to each day’s specific requirements.
  5. Do you draw you curtains in the morning? I know, I know we’re not here to judge but did you know that opening the curtains and allowing as much sunlight into your home as possible can go a long way towards heating your home.
  6. Are your windows locked? How does this help I hear you cry! Locking the windows instead of simply closing them can improve the seal and therefore prevent air from escaping, sealing heat inside your home.

So what are you waiting for, chance benefits all 🙂

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