Boiler service – what is it?

A boiler service is essential for maintaining a fully functioning heating system. At a boiler service your engineer will check the condition and performance of your boiler as well as checking the wear and tear on components such as seals, the gaskets and the heat exchanger. They will check the parts of boiler, including the flue, to ensure they are functioning safely and correctly.

So what will your engineer do as part of this boiler service…

Your engineer will most likely begin the service with a visual check. This is to check that the boiler and the pipes connected to it are installed correctly and are in a good position to work effectively. Once the engineer has determined that the installation is correct he may observe the operation of the boiler before removing the casing to inspect the components.

The engineer will check that the following are working safely and as efficiently as possible:

  • Gas pressure and flow
  • The Flue and combustion – in some cases this will involve checking the Flue analyser to ensure the boiler is burning the correct combination of gas and air
  • Electrical connections
  • Fans
  • Electrodes
  • Safety devices
  • Condensate trap and pipe

Once the components have been checked, the engineer will give the inside of the boiler a quick clean and will check the water and gas pipework to make sure it is all working correctly.

The remaining part of the boiler’s service is to run safety checks in accordance to gas regulations.

Finally, before your engineer leaves, they will inform you about whether your boiler does not meet and of the relevant building and gas safety regulations. They will discuss with you any repairs or maintenance that is needed. Lastly they will leave you with a boiler report; this document is needed if you wish to have repairs done under warranty.

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