Boiler Servicing – the whys, hows and whens!

Boiler servicing – Keep it up to-date!

Why does it need servicing? How often does it need servicing and who should I should I get to service my boiler?

Boiler servicing is something many people roll their eyes at and push to the bottom of their to-do list, unaware of the dangers that lurk in their boiler cupboard!

Servicing your boiler regularly saves lives!

Faulty boilers are incredibly dangerous, more so than many people realise. It’s not just a case of a malfunctioning piece of equipment; a leaky boiler releases carbon monoxide (CO) into the air. In the UK alone, 4000 people are admitted to accident and emergency with carbon monoxide poisoning and on average 50 adults and children die every year! As part of your boiler’s annual servicing the Gas Safety engineer will look for any weak points or leaks in your boiler enabling them to fix or replace parts ensuring your family’s safety.

Save money by servicing your boiler!

Repairing a boiler once it has broken can be costly and can vary dramatically depending on the products and the work needed to complete the job. Periodically servicing you boiler can help prevent the need for large pay-outs. A Gas certified engineer can find and fix minor faults which if left unfixed can lead to significant boiler damage.

When servicing your boiler, your engineer will also be able to establish if your equipment is working efficiently. Repairs made to ensure the boilers efficiency will save you money on the household bills as well as cutting the home’s carbon footprint.

Not servicing you boiler can make your insurance invalid!

Most boiler warranties and insurance policies state that you must ensure that your boiler is safe to use, failure to do so may result in an insurance company not paying for damage should anything happen. By servicing your boiler annually you will meet most insurance policies requirements (although it is always best to check with individual companies- just to make sure).

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