Why is my boiler not working properly?

What’s wrong with my boiler? What is causing the problem?

Boiler issues are frustrating and expensive in this cold weather.

The best way to avoid pricey call outs and repairs is to be prepared. Watch out for changes in how your boiler works or in some cases doesn’t work.

Our engineers have isolated the five most common complaints during the winter months and have offered some advice to help you deal with them:

  • Why some of my radiators cold?
    • Fortunately cold radiators usually have a simple solution and seldom require expert involvement. Bleeding radiators is usually the solution to cold radiators as most are caused by a blockage in the pipes between radiators. Use USwitches handy guide to help you bleed your radiators effectively .
  • Where’s my hot and cold water gone?
    • Unfortunately this one has many causes and so isn’t a simple solution. An engineer will need to called to diagnose the problem before suggesting a plan of action.
  • Why does my boiler switch on when it’s hot?
    • A broken thermostat or dry spells, which can occur if the boiler is place in an un-insulated place, typically cause a boiler to fire up even when it’s hot. Either way, the malfunction causes the boiler to read the room temperature incorrectly. While this may not be a massive problem to you, it can waste a lot of money if left unresolved. Call an engineer to save your pennies.
  • What do I do if the pressure is too low?
    • Again this is a problem you can fix yourself. Use your user manual or Google your boiler unit to find exact instructions for your boiler. If your boiler pressure however is continually low or constantly high there is a problem which an engineer would need to test in order to decide what it is that is not working correctly.
  • Why does my pilot light keep going out?
  • A draught is the most common cause of a unlit pilot light. Try to discover whether a draught is present by holding a candle near the pilot light to see if it goes out. If a draught is not the cause, you can use 24/7 home rescue’s step by step guide to help you find the cause.
  • Anything that involves gas can be dangerous so if you are at all unsure you should always call a GAS CERTIFIED engineer.

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